Tackling Homelessness
is Hard

We make it easier to give with impact

Over $1.3M in impact since August 2021

How giv4 Works

  • How It Works 1
    1. We Create a Fund of 12 Nonprofits

    We've worked with local experts to curate a fund of nonprofits confronting homelessness in San Diego.

  • How It Works 2
    2. You Join the Fund

    You donate to the giv4 homelessness fund, and 100% of the money received is distributed to the nonprofits.

  • How It Works 3
    3. You See Your Impact Each Month

    Every month, a different nonprofit from the giv4 fund shares their story.

  • 4
    4. You Learn Along the Way

    Homelessness and the affordable housing crisis are complicated. We break it down so over time you can grapple with the issues and learn about the solutions.

Help San Diego Homeless

What is giv4?

giv4 is an initiative of the Jewish Community Foundation of San Diego. JCF is historically the largest grant maker in San Diego. An important part of our mission is to advance a sustainable, just and vibrant society for all of San Diego. Many people want to tackle causes like homelessness and hunger but don’t know where to begin. We want to (1) make giving easier and (2) help people better understand the issues.

You can learn more about JCF by clicking here.

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