Let's Learn About Homelessness Together

Some Basics to Start Your Journey

California's homelessness crisis, and possible solutions, explained

An easy-to-read pre-pandemic article on major aspects of homelessness in California, from CalMatters - a nonpartisan, nonprofit journalism venture

Why We Stopped Saying “Homeless People”

San Diego nonprofit Father Joe's Village explains how language changes perspectives on homelessness and can hide its causes

Stories and Portraits of San Diego Homelessness

Capturing the images and stories of San Diegans experiencing homelessness can dismantle stereotypes and bias associated with homelessness, says photographer and Humanity Shower founder Justin Verdan

Understanding Homelessness

A general introduction to understanding homelessness produced in a visually compelling way - see, in particular, the section on the wide range of reasons why someone might be homeless

Recent News & Articles of Interest

Preventing #homelessness starts with keeping families in their homes. @cityheightscdc and @housinghelpsd ensure that #tenants have access to attorneys and other resources when faced with #eviction. Support innovative programs like this at https://t.co/2UdnWOAHO7 today! https://t.co/9QVmBwEJkr
Over 80% of women with children experiencing homelessness have experienced domestic violence. @ywcasandiego provides support for these survivors to ensure their safety. Learn about how 12 orgs are working to solve homelessness in San Diego through https://t.co/2UdnWORKQ7 https://t.co/BeeYWZVdhx
When discussing solutions to #homelessness , we need to listen to those with lived experience. The HEAL Network ( @SDHFtweets) provides #advocacy training for those individuals. Support HEAL and other solutions to homelessness in #SanDiego by visiting https://t.co/2UdnWORKQ7! https://t.co/AGQTGvdBLf
40% of homeless youth identify as #LGBTQ. @LGBTCenter provides #housing, case management, trauma-informed care, and career support to these youth. You can #support The Center and 11 other local organizations ending #homelessness, donate to giv4 homelessness in #SanDiego https://t.co/3sfMZyb5ek
Everyone needs someone to believe in them. @DoorsOfChangeSD helps youth experiencing #homelessness gain confidence and navigate resources to find stable #housing and #employment. Support 12 organizations ending homelessness in #SanDiego with giv4! https://t.co/s9cyYe3s6y

The Legacy of San Diego's Racial Housing Discrimination

City of San Diego redlining map
  • Housing discrimination underpins the staggering wealth gap between blacks and whites

    The Economic Policy Institute explains how "The median white American family has twelve times the wealth that their black counterparts have . . . Systemic, legalized housing discrimination prevented black families from having a piece of the American Dream of homeownership."

  • Redlining & Coastal Access Inequity

    The Surfrider Foundation discusses why historic redlining still means that "communities of color often lack representation in coastal planning conversations around protections for public beach access, public infrastructure, and private homes."ere.

Explore in More Depth

Homelessness is very complicated. There are multiple causes, multiple ways to address it, and an overwhelming number of terms and acronyms to learn. Here's the beginning of a deeper dive. Let us know what additional resources or information would be helpful to increase understanding at hello@giv4.org or on twitter @giv4sdhomeless.

  • What is Permanent Supportive Housing?

    PSH combines affordable housing assistance with voluntary support services for those experiencing chronic homelessness

  • What is Rapid Re-Housing?

    RRH helps identify housing, provides rental and move-in assistance, and case management to quickly and effectively assist those recently experiencing homelessness

  • Recent research from San Diego universities

    Read summaries, or link to the full articles, of recent local research supported by the Lucky Duck Foundation.

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